• noun, the code of polite behaviour in a society.

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(Shame: Australia's National Dictionary "Macquarie Dictionary" charges to use it on-line)

These are not rules. Most long term members who have been using these forums should know them, either by forming the views overtime, or by the advices of the others. If you are new here, it is advisable to read these at least once. You will not only be liked by the others, but also you may have your groupies from these forums.

  • Use the search function before asking a question or starting a new thread. The answer or the thread may already be somewhere in this forum.
  • Use small images in your signature you if you feel you need one. There are still users who are on dial-up. Reading a thread with large images can be pain for them. Forum rules also prohibits the use of large images in your signature.
  • Use the report button to report offensive posts or spam.
  • Try to stay on topic.
  • Using smileys is advisable if you are a funny person. The fact that you are just making a joke may be missed if you don't use them.
  • ALL CAPITAL LETTERS posts are rude. Posting with Caps Lock on has been regarded as shouting. Do tell if you cannot afford new keyboard with functional Caps Lock. Please use all lower cases if one of your hands is doing something else, eg. eating.
  • SMS style messages could be very cool for some. Unfortunately many others regard them as juvenilia.
  • Within these forums, you will be conversing with real people. Please be considerate and polite, just as you would be if you were talking face to face with another person.
  • Never quote a PM (private message) in public without the permission of the sender.

Oh, this is nothing to do with etiquette. If you post your email address on the forums, please make sure it can not be picked up by a email harvester. could be posted as my_email [AT] hottermail [dot] com