Howdy folks.
As you all would know, EYO provides these forums for free and all they ask of members is to not abuse their rules which include not using the EYO forums to trade in pirated material.
There has been an increase in discussion of Mod Chips and people selling legit gaming systems, but with games that you need to contact them privately about.
Well, the staff have been having a bit of a discussion on these topics and this is what we are going with for now......

Mod Chips -
They are a bit of a touchy subject and we'll allow them to be discussed for now, but do not make references to using them for piracy.
Before starting a thread, do a search and find existing threads that may contain the info you need. We don't want Modding threads all over the place.
Where to get your machine chipped - do a search first and try your local trading post paper. If you don't want to buy a trading post paper, they'll have a web site with a search function.

Burnt games, silvers, pirates, whatever......
There is no compromise here....
Do not advertise them. Do not hint that you have them. Do not ask people in your for sale threads to contact you regarding them.
EYO do not want these forums used for circulating this stuff.

Thanks for your time and feel free to contact me if you want to discuss any of this.