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Thread: It has been a while, it is time now...

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    It has been a while, it is time now...

    Basically the domain won't be renewed after 8th Aug 2017. In fact the company name this domain was registered under is no longer in operation. It was a wholesale arm Eyo had. We imported one container of cases each month at one stage, but after the 08 GFC, everything had changed. Long story...

    I intend to keep the forums as an archive. It will be sitting on domain. This domain is registered until year 2023. I think there will be more reasons for the data going offline then the domain itself. eg. major security bug found in the software. The server is hacked and no backup is available etc....

    The Phorums has closed the new user registration for a number of years already, so it is pretty much an archive already. I will save the sentimental stuff for the next serious post!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsu View Post
    I will save the sentimental stuff for the next serious post!
    Can you put "Most effective at being an ashole" along with my other awards, for sentimental reason, before taking it down? I'd say "Biggest Pervert" too but Drifter stole it from me.
    Sadly, I could have won "Biggest Nutjob" pretty easily, I think.
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