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Thread: 17 brown tongues

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    17 brown tongues

    From licking the fat greeks arse....

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    Re: 17 brown tongues

    "SG1" wrote...

    From licking the fat greeks arse....

    Port Adelaide congratulates and thanks Essendon for beating Carlton and
    wishes them 'all the best' for the finals.

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    Re: 17 brown tongues

    On Sat, 24 Aug 2013 11:21:44 +1000, SG1 wrote:

    > From licking the fat greeks arse....

    Have to agree
    After having the AFL "King Pin" appear in the Ch7 broadcasting box with
    his and friend's children's children dressed in Essendon colours, He Has
    to be abolished from sitting on any decision making panels!!!! He
    entirely lacks credibility as someone having no bias!!!

    Absolutely has discredited himself totally from credibility on being on
    any deciding panels!!!
    He is absolutely lacking in credibility!!!!

    Makes sense of rumours heard that he is on roller skates sitting at the
    top of a steep hill
    And adds to the credibility of the strong a suggestion that he is seeking
    (OR tennis Australia is offering ) an alternate position!!!!!!

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