Just done a bit of Ladder Prediction on the AFL web site and things
probably still turn out for Richmond in a manner similar to what I
speculated a few weeks ago.

The way things are going the Tigers finish 6th or 7th and will avoid a
trip to Perth (on the assumption Freo are 5th) and will play Collingwood
in their first (and most likely only) final.

Whoever does snaffle 8th will have a tough first match at Subi unless Freo
displace Essendon in the top 4. I have Port and Carlton fighting it out
for that 8th spot.

Anyone else want to have a go at their top 8 prediction after the H&A?

Regards, David.

David Clayton
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Knowledge is a measure of how many answers you have, intelligence is a
measure of how many questions you have.