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Thread: Battlefield Heroes

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    Battlefield Heroes

    I am sure many avid gamers would know a lot about the success of the Battlefield franchise. For those who don't know however what BF:Heroes is then this a brief description.

    Battlefield Heroes™ is a free cartoon-style shooter for the PC
    Combining classic gameplay with brand new innovations, it’s a totally new experience
    Cartoon-style graphics bring the fun back to shooters
    Third person camera so your Hero is centre-stage!
    Create your own unique war Hero with extensive character customisation system
    MMO-like special abilities add strategic depth to combat
    Designed to run on the real old computers.
    At this stage it is in closed beta but you can grab a key now from and get into the game now. All stats and characters made now will carry over into the final launch product.

    Hope to see some of you there!
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    i saw some gameplay videos that looked ok. not my type of game, but looks enjoyable. i liked the idea that serious players get rewarded for their eforts, but doesnt put them at an advantage over everyone else. the developers were saying theyre aiming for a more casual gamer following. be interesting to see how it turns out. and if some of the "serious" gamers just label it as shite and a gimps game and start bagging the hell out of it
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