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Because I said so.

Why Does It Need a Title

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Titles are just labels. At times they can be detrimental. If I was writing a news article, the title would stand out more than the content on social media right now more than ever.

I have a number of Americans on my social media. It looks like a fcucking circus of sewage, or a food fight that involves 2% food and 98% sh|t. There's very little to be done about the situation at hand, very little point to talk about what it means for other countries aside from recognising that its very impacting, so I don't think I'll be mentioning this and simply as a server where I can spew out crap that very, very few people, if any at all, are going to read it, I came here as an alternative to spewing it out on Facebook.

So firstly, I don't recognize the United States anymore. That was a slow realization but just how much I didn't recognize it came less than a year ago when I started reading the news there again and asking questions from people I know there, listening to differant answers from people of varying political perspectives, varying levels of racism, etc. The sh|tstorm that is currently happening there domestically, this has to just be mostly from the perspective of the window I look through on social media. Right?
Secondly, since I said "firstly", I forgot what was secondly.

So the reality right now, is that because of bureaucratic fcuk ups where I live now along with failures of this countries embassy in Australia, my legal status as a residence is sort of in limbo, and because of a fcik up in the beurocracy of the US, I have to go to the US Embassy this week to straighten out their paperwork error. I have no idea what sort of agreements the US has here, but the chance that there's a responsibility the the embassy reports my residency situation before I can get it resolved properly, is there, and that scenario could very well land me back in the US, and probably would. This has me pretty nervous and on edge when I think about it for many reasons only one that is important here.

The best case scenario, for the purposes here, if I'm landed back in the US, is that I actually have assistance when I get there or someone who will help me out, and in this scenario I'm left asking myself, "Okay, when's the US Civil War going to start?".

So that's the question I keep looking at when I see the torrent of crap happening there now. I keep wanting to reply to these 10,000 shared news storys with ridiculously radical responses, "The only thing worth talking about is weather or not its time to pick up a gun and do something about it, or if you should just shut the fcuk up and go about your day". Protesting accomplishes nothing with maybe the exception of moving people further in the direction of actual action, so the idea of peaceful protest seems either stupidly futile, or at the end of the day not the peaceful outcome you hoped for.

If the country is in fact headed in that direction, of large scale violence, which seems like one plausible future outcome but without knowing when that may or may not happen (next week, a decade, thirty years), then its sort of a scary situation in the respect (and I'm assuming I've survived) that I think people might become ready to really let sh|t hit the fan and tear down a government blindly, but without anything to fill the vacuum that's left and truth be told, if I had my finger on a button that was wirelessly connected to bombs attached to everyone in a position of power there right now, it would be a temptation. You'd really have to be killing a shitload of people, I'm not being selective in this thought experiment about who lives or dies, so if all I knew is that it was going to eliminate everyone in power from politicians to well ranked military, and ask myself "Would I do it?", I really have no idea but the contrast to that is that any other previous point in time, with the exception of the first Gulf War because I was young and idealistically stupid, I wouldn't have thought of this in the first place and had someone else had proposed it I would have said "no".

Today, its like, "Eh... heads or tails huh?... and either way I land it, some other country might take control anyway?... lets pick a random corporation and if they open lower than normal tomorrow, we'll do it. Let fate decide."

Anyway, I'm getting tired of seeing the insanity that people feel is important to argue about and I'm getting tired of getting sucked into that insanity from time to time. Yes, its happening, its even happening as expected, its merely ahead of schedule. Why is this surprising? Is there something you can do about it? Are you going to? If you said "No" then shut the fcik up.

EDIT: And to further illustrate the insanity of the times we live in, it occurred to me after re-reading what I wrote, that it might be wise to come back and clarify that when I said I don't recognize the United States anymore, that this was meant in the same context that someone might say "He's been shooting meth for 2 years, I didn't recognize his face anymore" and was not at all in the context of "I don't recognize the nation as sovereign, legitimate, or that I don't feel a part of it, or feel above it, etc, etc."

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