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Because I said so.

Once upon a time, naked... Part 2

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This a continuation of "Once upon a time, naked... Part 1" after I hit a word limit that wouldn't allow me to post. Read the First part first and this part second.

She never friended me. I don't feel bad about that at all. I wish I would have heard something like "Yeah, I'm going to 12 step meetings, I'm making differant friends, **** you I'm trying you ****ing asshole!" but the reality of life is that this is rare, and if she ever gets there, well I hope she does, but having said that, what if I were to come across her again in real life (these coincidences are often enough that I've come more recently to see them as legitimate possibility), do we know how to be friends without wanting to fcuk one another? Who know! And worse, if there was one person on the face of the planet who might legitimately be a threat to my own natural tendency to not cheat on my wife, it might very well be her.

Okay lets stop right there on that last thought as I say two things.
One, my keyboard is really screwing with me. The trackpad too. I need to add a line to my kernel options to make it less sensitive. I actually had somehow enabled the insert toggling in the last paragraph. I didn't that still existed.
Two. Since I've already explained that have a tendency not to cheat (some scientist now believe this is genetic) I'll first explain that there's been many women before I was married, and I've been married for almost 15 years, and no one was ever cheated on. Not by me. Okay, so two, given this fact, does it really make it wrong that if I run through the
scenario of complete freedom to do whatever I truly wanted, that I'd screw my wife's cousin, and her other cousin, and her other cousin, and her other cousin, and her cousin's daughter, and her cousin's other daughter (both of which are her cousins as well), and her sister, and her other cousin (the one in Australia, no not that one, the other one). Did I mention that one of the two of the first few cousins I mentioned are mother and daughter in addition to the other one that has two daughters.
Is that really so wrong to think about at times? Oh I forget about her sister. Her sister is my stuck on a deserted island scenario.

As for the title of this blog, "Once Upon A Time, while naked", I was going to write about something kind of gross that happened to me with this girl when I was 19, but once I started typing it seemed really disrespectful because the truth is she is a person I care about but you know what, its not like she did something to me that was gross, it just happened. Wasn't my fault nor hers so here we go on our little immature adventure of what I originally had to say.
One day I was, okay first she had really long pubic hair, it was fairly straight too. She was blonde, why do blonde girls have straight body hair? So yeah, no mobile phones, no internet at that age quite yet, whitepages, and tending to pubic hair was purely optional.
Sometimes when I'd go down on her, her hair would get really wet. Actually, if you touched her body and she wasn't wearing underware, she would leak fluid down her leg. I didn't make that up to be funny or act like an idiot, I'm painting a realistic picture of things. My fcuking insert thing is still on in the keyboard! Right, so sometimes her hair, since it was straight and long, would end up as a straight long wet thing going into my mouth, like pretty far in there too, so I'd push my finger across my lips and it would all come out together and presumably fall downward or go to the side or wherever it went, I never thought to myself "Where did it go?" and looked.
One day I feel her hair, I don't remember, if it was on my lips or in my mouth a little, and I wave my finger across but it was still there so I do it agian when I got annoyed and it was still there, so I did it again, then again right away, then again right after that. I don't know, maybe I was waving my finger a lot at that point, I don't remember, but I stopped for long enough that she looked down to see why. I see this slightly scared look on her face and disregarded it, perhaps I thought at the time that she felt a little embarrased about her hair or something and I didn't care (again I don't remember). She's watching me do the thing I do when her hair is going down my throat. I put my lips together and felt something just barely there, like maybe there was something there, but maybe not, so I created a little suction and something with the consistancy of really, really thick gelatinous snot comes into my mouth. Now, she's looking horrified. I was confused, "What is it? What do I do with it?" I swallowed. Going down, It tasted like the most disgusting mix of rotting fish and blood. I mean it tasted really, really, really strong. It was horrid. She saw me swallow because the look on her face went away the instant after. I went back to work, she went back to happy.

...So, that is "Once Upon A Time, Naked", and its the story of how I accidentally earned my red wings.

I just figured out that there's actually a fn combo that toggles the insert feature.