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  1. The Chronicles of Dean - Part 8

    Thursday 26 November 2009, 2:25 PM

    My wife is getting home a little early so we can go to this stupid Christmas event at Martin Place where they eventually light the stupid lights on the stupid tree. The kids like it, but I think my wife likes it even more.
    She called me from work and asked me to have a tuna sandwhich ready for our daughter because my wife is picking her up on the way home and says that when she gets off work she usually has part of her sandwich left that she ...
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  2. The Chronicles of Dean - Part 7

    Monday 23 November 2009, 5:35 PM

    Loose stool again today. Not unpleasant though, just something that you don't usually talk about, so I thought that I would.

    Its official. I now don't really like Windows, Mac, or Linux. I really enjoyed Linux as a desktop machine while I used it, and I still use many tools that I used on it both on my Mac, and remotely, for example right now I'm converting files on the machine hooked up to the TV up to DVD format. I didn't think I'd ...
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  3. The Chronicles of Dean - Part 6

    Wednesday 18 November, 1:59 AM

    One day, a long long time ago, in the US, in the summer, and described here in a sentence with a lot of commas, in Florida, where summer is really hot, I was working at a halfway house, and part of my job for a short while was shopping and cooking for everyone. We only had 8 clients at that time, but in addition there was me and my boss, so I was shopping and cooking for 10 people on a really restrictive budget. I used to shop at a Super WalMart. Its ...
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  4. The Chronicles of Dean - Part 5

    Monday 16 November, 2:34 AM

    I'm going to go, right now, and find out what AM and PM mean...
    ...okay, all in Latin, "meridiem" is "noon". "Ante" is "before". "Post" is the same so we take it directly from Latin. And we thus have Before Noon and After Noon.

    My wife is jealous because I'm price checking something with a friend of ours for a female I only know from the internet. I was kind of offended. I know why ...
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  5. The Chronicles of Dean - Part 4

    Saturday 14 November 2009, 11:39 PM

    Still haven't looked up AM and PM to see what they mean. Still don't care.

    Think blog section may be unmoderated. Will test theory at a random date by posting inappropriate images.

    Wife is really, really carefree recently. Don't know why, and don't care. Presume that it took her this long to get over the psychological impact of how childbirth changes a woman's body, especially since she had a strand of skin that needed ...
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