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  1. Today!

    Today: Day number .. already lost count..

    Its the end of the Swatvac week at uni .. oh joy. Intended to do so muh more than i accomplished over this period.

    Monday I will go into my exam with a complete clear mind.. probably because i should of studied.

    Ive lost all determination to do anything but go to work and play basketball and tennis every week.

    I know in my mind that if i finish this i can get a real job and go to work and ...
  2. Mine is bigger than yours.

    I started a blog once. I made one post, and that was it.
    It was after Jok11n posted a link to some other guy's blog that was making big money writing one. I looked at his blog and it was really short, to the point, had a video on one of the articles he was blogging about. It was a full length embedded episode of some program on the BBC about computers expected to be capable of, by 2020, programming other computers and it brings up all kinds of questions about computers building other computers ...
  3. Monty's Blog

    Great new feature.

    Got into work early today just to stir things up. I am suposed to start work at 8.30, but on Tues, Wed & Thurs, I have been taking my daughter to school, so I havn't been in until 8.45. I do this so that my WIfe & other 2 kids don't have to rush around and leave the house in the morning for no other reason than to drop my eldest to school. On Mon & Fri, my middle child has kinder, and my youngest has occasional care in the mornings, so they all have ...
  4. Testing the blog thing

    test test testity test!!!
  5. Blog, yeah

    Yes, you write your own blogs!
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